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14 August 2022  
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Please note Casinos are illegal in Thailand. The following information is tourist news for those coming to Thailand from the surrounding countries after playing in Casinos. A time to relax in Bangkok

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Bangkok is the mecca of Asia and the most popular destination for tourists whether backpackers or business people. The city of Bangkok is a thriving metropolis and caters for everyone young and old. At night time after dark the place is transformed with neons and lights that just dazzle the visitor & offers entertainment virtually all night from movies to theatre to shows and videos to girlie bars, massage and live entertainment bands & nightclubs. We welcome you to Bangkokgo.com where we are featuring the jazzy side of Bangkok from massage parlours to the best eating and drinking spots to girlie bars, with videos section and even business ideas and help for those here for the GO session ---that means business and pleasure.

But Thailand is can be a trap for the unwary traveller so be careful wherever you go.

The man who could change Thailand and Politics --

a straight shooter Mr Chuwit


Tuesday February 27, 2007 The Nation Source


Foreign thieves target travellers Police urge passengers to be careful with baggage after surge inthefts Police yesterday warned passengers at Suvarnab-humi Airport not to leave their baggage unattended as a motley group of thieves comprising mainly foreigners have been targeting travellers.There have been Filipinos, Indonesians, Chinese, Laotians and Peruvians caught stealing at the airport, police said. The tourist-service unit at the airport received 415 theft reports from tourists since the airport began full commercial services in late
September. Reported thefts at Suvarnabhumi had climbed from just nine inSeptember to 54 in October, 72 in November, 101 in December and 114 in January.Of these, 152 concerned items that went missing at the airport, 152 were items lost on board flights and 101 involved possessions goingmissing outside the terminal buildings. "Keep an eye on your belongings and avoid putting cash or credit cards in your baggage," Lt-Colonel Thammawat Hirunyalekha of the airport's tourist centre said yesterday.He said police recently arrested a Laotian who had confessed that he would spend nights inside the terminal watching out for unattended bags. "When we searched his Bangkok apartment, we found many travellers' bags, digital cameras and notebook computers," Thammawat said. There were Filipino, Indonesian, Chinese and Peruvian thieves in the airport too, Thammawat said. He said Chinese thieves usually pick-pocketed while criminals of other nationality tended to mingle with crowds waiting to check in and snatched unguarded bags. "These thieves usually target Japanese tourists because they often keep cash and credit cards in their unattended bags," Thammawat said. He said the Chinese thieves appeared to work as a gang because when they were caught, they would be bailed fast. "We sometimes arrest people twice at the airport after they have sneaked back to China and changed their names before returning," he said. Lt-Colonel Pakapong Sai-ubon, of the Police Immigration Bureau, said some criminals flew into the airport purely to steal valuables from other passengers. "They usually fly from trading cities like Hong Kong and grab the bags of their targets," he said. Pol Lt-Colonel Satit Prom-utai of the Tourism Division hoped the
Immigration Bureau would blacklist foreign thieves caught at the airport. "We will ask the Immigration Bureau to blacklist them," he said. According to passenger complaints, some items were also stolen from luggage after it had been checked in. Complaints have become less frequent, however, since the Airports of Thailand stepped up safety measures along the baggage-belt zones. Suvarnabhumi Airport director Serirat Prasutanont said the airport was working closely with police in a bid to ensure safety. "We will add more security cameras," he said.




There are many touts around the doors of the airport and do not use them as they are touts and unlicensed. Use the proper taxis and get a chit from the tables outside the departure lounge. The cost into Bangkok is now 400 baht plus 50 baht extra for the drivers. If going out to the airport from Bangkok many taxis will not use the meter and charge you 400 baht standard fee. Tell them Ok if they pay the tolls and this should be Ok for you. If they want more money for luggage don't pay --just ignore. Make sure the meter is on? you pay the tolls normally unless you have agreed before departure that the taxi driver pays.

The authorities turn a blind eye to all the Thais hanging around the entrance ways trying to rip off foreigners. This month Police arrested a couple --Thai lady with foreign Beirut Arab man who paid to fly some place then went around to the arrival carousel and stole foreigners bags while in the process or changed their bags for others as they came onto the conveyor belt. They had been doing this for some time until finally caught. Also this month arrests of baggage staff also happened so if you lose your bags report it and keep your eye open for touts. This is an ongoing problem so never keep your valuables even in the left luggage as staff have been known to steal from your bags. Watch out if accosted by so called security poeple wanting to search you. They work in 2s or 3s & if they cannot show ID then make a loud fuss & seek help at any Airport desk. Even those in uniforms have been found to be fake.


1/. Taxi touts. Thais in yellow shirts saying they have taxis by the doors and outside. They inflate the price from 400 to 800baht+. Only use the meter cabs and you will find a desk to book. Keep the main ticket & try to remember the taxi number on your rear inside door
2/. People pretending to be security guards who pat your body down while another searches your carry-on luggage? An excuse to take your bags?
3/. Luggage being stolen on the carousels & staff pilfering. This is an ongoing problem
4/. Left luggage keep no valuables in your suitcases & lock
5/. TAT guides even if they have tags showing be wary. Do not book Tourism trips here

6/. If accosted and the person does not go away then head for the nearest Police or Tourist Police office

7/. Many taxis heading to the airport will not use their meters. This is because they cannot pick up a returning fare! They will ask for 400-450 baht. Tell them OK if they pay tollways?

8/. DO NOT ACCEPT rides from people offering you cheap fares. Some years ago at Don Muang an Egyptian so called taxi driver mugged & killed tourists who accepted rides into town and dropped body parts in drains. Be warned

9/. The old saying --- if they speak good English be on alert
10/. Watch out also for foreign touts & Chinese pick pockets. Those waiting for friends to arrive touts and pick pockets are also waiting


1/. Tourist Police office -- Make sure you sign statement and get copy for your insurance

2/. AOT = http://www2.airportthai.co.th/airportnew/main/directors2.asp

File a complaint here

3/. Write to the Bangkok Post Postbag & The Nation to warn others http://www.nationmultimedia.com/


4/. File a complaint to your Embassy. The more you tell the more something will be done about the situation
5/. As the current fuel crises continues be on guard as there will be new scams



If you have news or pics relating to our Tourist news

feel free to send to us.


For those of you that want to come to Bangkok for pleasure as well as business then BANGKOKGO can help you find the right shipping company and we offer you free quotes on your shipments anywhere in the world. We can even pickup at your hotel or shops you buy from saving you the hassle of bringing to us. We over see all your shipments and assist you with your buys right to quality control. Bangkokgo is for those on the go so whether it is an escort you want after your business meeting to just a booking for a Hotel or one of our Condos then let us assist you.

BANGKOK SAFETY PROBLEMS Beware of pickpockets on overcrowded public transportation and markets etc like Chatuchuk. Avoid going to a strange place with few people and when using ATMs and banks keep an eye around you for who may be watching you. In taxis try to remember the number on the window sill. Carry copies of your passport. Taking taxis are safe but always use the meter and if the driver says its broken down don't believe him. Try to avoid touts and go to the main roads to hail a cab. Try and remember the number of the cab which is noirmally on the doors. Do not look rich with jewelry.

Emergency Phone Numbers are — Mobile Police, 191; Fire Brigade, 199; Ambulance, 252-2171; Tourist Assistance Centre, 281-5051 or 282-8129.
Telephone: The country telephone code for Thailand is 66, Bangkok city code is 2. The number 1 or 01 in front of a number indicates that it’s a mobile phone and all mobile phones changed as at Dec1st 2006 and now the dial number is 08--etc. Dial 13 for Directory Assistance, and be patient if you need an English speaker. International calls are now possible in public telephone booths and they are clearly marked in English. Time/Temperature—Time, phone 181. Weather, 398-9830.



Yes you can now make calls cheaper than ever using our services to buy phone cards as well as make PC calls to PC Calls as well as telephone to telephone calls from Thailand or outside of Thailand. It makes it easy for you and we will soon have our own services.

Helpful Shipping terms:

Coming to Bangkok for pleasure and business then we can help you. We have depots in Pratunam and Yannawa and can quote you to send your goods home by sea freight or air freight. We can pack and arrange pickup from the shops or your hotel for you while you enjoy the sites of bangkok


We send either DHL or FedEx in 4 days right to your door or air freight what ever you want. Please note airfreight charges.
Ocean Full Container Load Port To Port & LCL any quantity of goods.
Shipping Lines we select offer reliable sailing dates with just transit times at competitive rates.
Services include :
Scheduling appropriate sailing date
Seal container ready for ocean transportation
Prepare export declaration for our customer & arrange DHL direct to you.
Deliver container to port of exit
Container is Ocean freighted to destination port
In addition to all the cautious steps we take for your shipment, we also provide full coverage insurance from first rate companies if wanted.
We can book your container for a specific date
Complete packaging service
Wood crate items as well
Label and count number of pieces
Load items into container securing for a secure anti-friction transit

Just contact us. Remember the more goods you order the cheaper it is for you. Costs fluctuate ONLY according to the baht value at the time. We can handle single items as well by Fed-Ex.


Local services in Thailand = pick up, packing, export formalities

International services = air- or ocean freight from Thailand to the buyer’s nearest port or airport

Domestic services at destination = import customs formalities, delivery to door

Miscellaneous services = fumigation, paperwork, transport insurance, etc.

 We offer door-to-door services to any country/city in the world. Payment MUST BE in advance.  As far as ocean and air tariffs concerned, we have an airfreight tariff in our computer system that covers most bigger cities in the world. Equally we have seafreight tariffs covering most ports/cities. Please note:- air and shipping lines are changing their tariffs frequ

s. ently. Seafreight to the U.S.A. all rates are commodity related.


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