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Myanmar is run by an oppressive junta who have strict control & its sad how this place has gone Climate is similar to Thailand. The monsoon or rainy season from May to October; the cool season from November to February and from March to May its hot. The average temperature ranges from 30C in central and lower areas to 19C in the northern highlands. On arrival at Yangon International airport, individual tourists are required to exchange a minimum of US$200 into 200 FECs (Foreign Exchange Certificates). FECs are Myanmar’s second legal currency and are issued by the Bank of Myanmar specifically for visiting tourists. Try to change US Dollars into Kyats rather than FECs, as FECs usually have a poorer exchange rate than Kyats.. Any unused certificates left over cannot be refunded but have US$ as these can be used in hotels etc as well as credit cards. Kyat (MMK; symbol K) = 100 pyas. Notes are in denominations of K1,000, 500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10, 5 and 1. Kyat is pronounced like the English word ‘chat’. Yangon International Airport (Mingalardon Airport) is the main International Airports in Myanmar. Yangon has direct air links with Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Calcutta, Chiang Mai, Taipei, Kunming, Hong Kong and Guangzhou. Tourist visas are valid for two months from the date of issue for stays up to 28 days in Myanmar & cost $80. Business visas are valid for three months from date of issue for stays of 10 weeks. You can obtain a visa at all Myanmar Embassies or Consulates but take 3 photos and your passport. The international points of entry and exit in Myanmar are Yangon International Airport and Mandalay International Airport.

Only gems and jewelleries purchased at the liensed dealers, or who can issue an export permit are allowed to be taken out of Myanmar. Mobiles don't work here but you can take your laptop in. Electricity is erratic and is mainly 220--230 Voltage/50 cycles but watch for voltage drops. Hotels to stay: Amata Resort & Spa and the Sandoway Resort at Ngapali Beach. The Sandoway Resort, Silver Beach Hotel, Ocean Pearl Inn, Nice Budget Hotel- free airport pickup,

Yangon Myanmar Hotel Budget
Ocean Pearl Inn

No. 215, Botataung Pagoda Road, Pazundaung Tsp., Yangon, Myanmar. 

Phone: (+95-1) 297007, 297329
(+95-9 80) 20454


 (+95-1) 297007, 297329 

Web Site:


Single US 10 $, Double US 15 $Downtown Business AreaOne time Free Airport Pickup from
(Internatioanal Flight Only)

  • Located at the downtown quiet place.
  • 12 minutes walk to the Sule pagoda.
  • A nice walk to the night market, Sule Pagoda, night life area and China Town
  • 30 minutes drive from Airport
  • Close to historic Botataung pagoda, Shwe Phone Pwint Pagoda, Yangon River, Yangon Trade Center.
  • Cheap & Clean Restaurant for European Food, Chinese Food, Myanmar Food, Beer Station are  near by.


The CASINOS ARE THE BEST PLACES TO GO but pubs and nightclubs of Myanmar as well as the bars in the famous hotels are Ok but many on the borders are rough and ready. The night scene of Myanmar has discos, karaoke bars and pubs or small bars but as the country is depressed mny bars are rough. These pubs and bars remain open till late at night. Try China Town where there are live shows that are held for entertaining. Remember Burma is depressed and run by the army junta so the border towns are wild west rough and sad. The young people are the most frequent visitors of the nightclubs and the pubs in Myanmar. Tourists can go for Putao trekking in the northern part of Myanmar or visit many temples. The tourist can also go to the Jade Mountain where several species of monkeys, stags and deers can be seen or go on a wildlife tour in Myanmar. Myanmar is a perfect place for the bird lovers but be discreet taking photos as you cannot take pics of railway stations or airports, military bases etc and it’s a hell hole in the jails there. Explore Yangon (Rangoon), a city of temples, markets, food stalls and ill-repaired colonial architecture. Check out the golden Shwedagon Pagoda, one of the most spectacular Buddhist shrines in Asia; the ancient Sule Pagoda; the Botataung Pagoda, hollow inside and it has a mirrored maze; or the Maha Pasan Guha, or ‘Great Cave’. Explore Myanmar’s rich opportunities for ecotourism, trekking and safaris. The best parks include the Alaungdaw Kathapa National Park (northwest of Monywa); Hlawga National Park (near Yangon); Popa Mountain Park (central Myanmar); Lampi Island (Myeik Archipelago); and Shwesettaw Wildlife Sanctuary (located in Minbu). Myanmar Tourism Promotion Board
c/o Traders Hotel, Level 3, Business Centre, 223 Sule Pagoda Road, Yangon, Myanmar
Tel: (1) 242 828 ext 6462.
: www.myanmar-tourism.com



Andaman Club Casino
Located a short ferry ride from the Thai mainland. Casino on two levels.With 205 superb rooms from Andaman Superior, Andaman Suite.  Each room gives you a panoramic view of the Andaman Sea from your own private balcony. $US75 to $US172 a room rate. Bangkok Office
1168/71 25 th – A Floor, Lumpini Tower Building, Rama IV Road, Thungmahamek, Bangkok Thailand. 10210 Tel : (662) 2856404-7 Fax : (662) 2856408-9

E-Mail Address : saranporn@andamanclub.com


Golden Triangle Paradise Resort 235 Moo 1, Chiang Saen-Maesai Rd., Golden Triangle Chiang Saen, Chiang Rai 57150 Phone +66 (0) 5340 5296-8The Imperial Golden Triangle Resort is situated above the Mekong and Ruak rivers, offering a spectacular view of the borders of Myanmar, Laos and Thailand. We offers 73 well-appointed rooms, including two magnificent suites and ten river-view deluxe rooms offering fabulous panoramas of the ruggedly beautiful region. You will also be impressed by a panoramic view of hillsides and Mae-Klong river Chiang Rai which you can overlook from your room window.

Shan State Special Region 4 - Mong La
Wan Hsieo & Mong Ma. New online casinos opened at nearby Wan Hsieo, Mong Ma and the tract outside Mong La and attract mainly Chinese gamblers. Lin Mingxian, or Sai Leun, who commands a 2,000-3,000-strong militia called the National Democratic Alliance Army (NDAA) is the town's overlord, Sai Leun is believed to have financed much of the city's gambling infrastructure in the late 1990s from cash he allegedly earned in the narcotics trade.
Kachin State - Maijayang
A story on the AFP in October 2007 In the northern border town of Maijayang located in Kachin State. International Entertainment, has 11 casinos. According to one Chinese man who has worked in three of Maijayang’s casinos, operations are headed by a Chinese mafia boss in Ruili, a Chinese border town built on the illicit drug, gemstone and timber trade. Source AP.


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Chinese & foreigners flock to casinos across Myanmar border

MAIJAYANG, Myanmar: Far from the crackdown in the rest of the country, Myanmar’s lawless northeast has a distinctly Chinese feel as gamblers eager for a turn at the baccarat table cross into the Southeast Asian nation in droves. Betting is illegal in China, so thousands of Chinese flock to the relative safety of Maijayang to try their luck at the mafia-run casinos on this Myanmar frontier town.Shielded by Myanmar’s lush green mountains, surrounded by a wall of dense sugarcane fields, Maijayang rises from these ancient lands in Kachin State—which is effectively run by former rebels—like a forbidden fortress.While world leaders condemn a bloody crackdown by security forces against mass protests in Myanmar’s main city Yangon and elsewhere, little is taboo in this sinners’ paradise.

Business is roaring here, handily located just 20 minutes by motorbike from the border along pot-holed dirt roads that wind through picture-perfect paddy fields. “Whatever you need we can take care of, gambling, drugs, girls—all of it can be arranged,” a former casino employee surnamed Wang said as he escorted an Agence France-Presse journalist past Myanmar border guards to Maijayang. Visas are required to enter Myanmar but are easily bypassed here in Kachin, where the rebel Kachin Independence Organization and a fragmented coalition of warlords hold sway over an area bordering China’s Yunnan province. After paying the guards, Wang buzzed through the town gates, past rows of low-slung, white-tiled buildings that advertise hotels, restaurants, gems and massage parlors that double as brothels—all in Chinese script. At first glance Maijayang may look like any other small town in China, but police with hard stares patrol the streets where cars with Myanmar plates make it clear what country this is. Inside International Entertainment, one of 11 casinos here, slot machines buzz and sing, as Chinese croupiers in maroon vests call for bets at blackjack and baccarat tables crowded by mostly Chinese patrons. Suggesting a professionalism behind the operations, cameras are trained on each of the seven sprawling rooms packed with players, while shifty looking men who do not appear to be betting move around the floor. “If the odds were deliberately stacked or players felt that it was not professionally run they would not come,” said Michael Backman, an Asia analyst and author who has researched cross-border casinos in the region. “A lot of the border casinos are very professional.” According to one Chinese man who has worked in three of Maijayang’s casinos, operations are headed by a Chinese mafia boss in Ruili, a Chinese border town built on the illicit drug, gemstone and timber trade. The popularity of Maijayang and another frontier casino further north in Laiza exploded after Chinese authorities last year cracked down on the multiple gambling dens in Ruili, about 45 kilometers south of here. Chinese casino owners in Maijayang operate with impunity, as the gambling dens’ extra-territorial location means they are beyond the reach of Chinese law.Protection money is paid to Kachin soldiers but Chinese police also turn a blind eye to the hundreds of daily border violations in return for a piece of the action.“Everyone takes a cut,” said the Chinese man, who asked that his name not be used.“It is very difficult for the Chinese government to control because the government would need the cooperation of the Myanmar government but they have almost no control over this area run by [the] Kachin army.”But China insists it is doing something. In early 2005, with the agreement of officials in Shan state, a jungle area of Myanmar south of Kachin and also run by militias, Chinese police swept into the frontier town of Mongla, then a hub of Chinese gambling operations. Meanwhile the number of casinos operating near China’s borders in Myanmar and elsewhere dropped from 149 in 2005 to 28 last year, thanks to a crackdown that netted $445 million in gambling related funds, China’s official Xinhua news agency reported in January. --AFP Oct 7th 2007


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