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31 May 2023  


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Cambodia still has a long way to go but its famous for the Khmer Ankor Wat temple. The main city isn’t that picturesque but Ok if one wants to go there theres many things to do. Khmer cuisine is very similar to Thai, but with fewer spices involved.


Phnom Penh is the place for disco nightlife. Phnom Penh has a large number of bars from which to choose. There are only a couple of live music venues, with some international hotels have bands from the Philippines. DJs generally only perform at the weekend. Most nightlife happens along Sisowath Quay, on Street 104 and also on Street 51 between Streets 174 and 154.

Bars: The Foreign Correspondents' Club of Cambodia, Sisowath Quay, has always beena favourite for would be  journalists, diplomats, travellers and the occasional movie star bu the prices are US$ and food etc is pretty much crap on the street. Phnom Penh is not a cheap place to eat out having foreign food and its inundated with the do gopoder NGOs trying to change the world.The Hope and Anchor, 213 Sisowath Quay, is also popular with expats and tourists. Other good places are Sharky Bar, 126 Street 130, and Walkabout Bar which is Australian owned and they have accommodation upstairs. Rooms are pretty rundown but its OK, open 24 hours, on the corner of Streets 174 and 51.There are several clubs that see a good mix of locals and foreigners, like Rock, Spark, U2 and Nightlife in Phnom Penh tends to begin fairly late - 9 pm start is usual, after hitting a few bars. Drink prices are a bit dear.  Outside Phnom Penh, nightlife is dominated by Khmer nightclubs. These are basically 'hostess clubs' for men, but it is no problem for foreign women to enter. Clubs: Heart of Darkness, 26 Street 51, and Spark, Mao Tse Tung Boulevard, are both well-established venues.

Live Music: Try the Memphis Pub, on 3 Street 118, which will entertain you to  live music most nights, or the  Miles Jazz Caf?, on 310 Street 113, with live jazz. There are bars and restaurants but very few clubs and live music venues. Bars and restaurants are dingy, smoky bars to upmarket cocktail bars and elegant restaurants. The Holiday International Hotel in Phnom Penh has a popular nightclub, the Manhattan Club.



Holiday Palace is at Victory Beach, Krong Street Victory Beach, Khan Mittapheap, Sihanoukville, Krong Preah 18000, Cambodia. Casino Tel: 855 34 933 807,Tel:855 34 933 808, Fax: +855 94 933 809
Gaming time: 24 hours Games : Slot Machines (40); Table Games (10) Hotel Holiday Palace Resort Room Types: 5 Executive Suite, 11 Junior Suites, 125 Standard Rooms.Has video type games

Jin Ding International Casino, Sihanoukville, Krong Preah 18000, Cambodia. Casino Tel:855 34 933 926, Fax: +855 34 933 326

Fortuna near Ocheteaul and Serendipity Beaches. Biggest and newest casino.

Peak Casino Hotel, near Victory Hill. Sihanoukville Group 1 Center 1, Mittapheap District, Krong Preah, Sihanoukville, Krong Preah 18000, Cambodia. Casino Tel: 855 34 320 301, Fax: +855 34 320 300 Chinese visitors. 24 hour gambling. Slot Machines (32); Table Games: Baccarat 9 tables, Roulette 1 table

Golden Castle Casino and Hotel or Golden Sands, on Ocheteaul beach gaming slot, roulette and poker machines. , Skv Krong Preah, Golden Lions Roundabout, Sihanoukville, Krong Preah 18000, Cambodia. Casino Tel:855 34 933 919, Fax: +855 34 933 918 Gaming : 24 hours

Golden Crown Casino & Hotel Aranyapathet, Poipet Border, Poipet, Banteay Mean 01407, Cambodia. Casino Phone: +66 16 45 54 13, Fax: +66 19 19 44 25

Grand Diamond City Hotel CasinoPhum Kbal Spean, Khum Poipet, Srok Auchrao, Banteay Meachey Cambodia. Tel: (Thai) +667 9085321, 3 Fax: (Thai) +661 4875331, Tel: (Cambodia) + 855 054 0967344, Fax: (Cambodia) +855 054 967345, Website: www.granddiamondcityhotel.com

Casino Tropicana, Aranyapathet, Poipet, Banteay Mean 01407, Cambodia. Casino Tel:66 19 82 82 52

Holiday Palace Hotel Casino Resort, Aranyaprathet-Poipet Border, Poipet, Banteay Mean 01407, Cambodia. Casino Tel: 66 14 85 62 23

Princess Hotel and Casino Aranyapathet, Poipet, Banteay Mean 01407, Cambodia. Casino Tel:66 16 45 54 13, Fax: +66 19 19 44 25

Star Vegas International Resort Hotel and Casino 292 Mao Ze Tung Road - Kamchamkamoru, Aranyaprathet-Poipet Border, Poipet, Banteay Mean 01407, Cambodia. Casino Phone: Tel: 66 18 48 77 85, +66 18 48 77 97, Fax: +66 33 07 27 25

Holiday Palace Casino & Hotel , Aranyapathet, Poipet Border, Poipet, Banteay Mean 01407, Cambodia. Casino Phone: +66 17 71 42 37

Casino O Samet & Hotel O Samet Resort
Asmech-Surin Border ,Otdar Mean Chey
Koh Kong International Resort Club Phum Cham Yeam Khum Paklong Srok Mondoul Seyma Koh Kong Province Cambodia Tel: +(6639) 58 817 382
Naga Resort Junction of Tonle Bassac
Phnom Penh 12000 Cambodia
Tel: +(855) 12 811 222
Lucky Diamond Casino Siem Reap, Siem Reab, Cambodia.

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Thaksin Shinawatra is interested in developing another casino and entertainment complex in the Cambodian province of Koh Kong, Cambodian Defence Minister Teah Banh said mAY 15TH 2008.Gen Teah Banh, who also is a deputy prime minister with close links to Thai generals, also expressed confidence about a peaceful solution to the dispute over the push by Phnom Penh to register Preah Vihear as a World Heritage Site.The Cambodian minister said in Koh Kong, opposite Trat, that talks about Mr Thaksin’s plan were still unofficial. ‘‘Prime Minister Hun Sen trusted and wanted Mr Thaksin to advise on developing Koh Kong as a special economic zone,’’ the general said.Koh Kong now has a casino complex operated by Koh Kong International, a firm owned by Pat Supapa, a senator representing the province and former governor.


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