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16 September 2019  


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In Thailand all Thai Baht gold chains, necklaces, rings and bracelets and other Thai Baht gold jewelry items termed " THAI BAHT GOLD " is known and recognized the world over as 96.5% pure gold by product weight (23K) making it one of highest gold content jewelry products produced anywhere in the world today. Thailand Gold jewelry's - Thai Baht gold jewelry is always sold by actual product weight,  in a weight unit known as "Baht", which is approximately 1/2 ounce or 15.16 grams.

Old Thailand was once called Siam and this means gold in Sanskrit. The Chinese called Thailand as Jin lin, which means "peninsula of gold". China town is situated in one of the oldest areas of Bangkok. Originally, it was settled up by Chinese traders who came by junks to trade with Siam during the Sukhothai era. After 1891, King Rama V opened up this area which is now Songwat Road, Phatsai Road, Anuwong Road and Yaowarat Road.

Thailand Gold Jewelry and other gold objects functions as a security to many Thais in case of difficult times. The gold can be pawned anywhere in Thailand at propwer pawn or gold shops then you can buy back when you have funds again and maybe lose 1%. Its great security and the best monetary value the world over..

One baht Thai gold is equivalent to 15,244 grams. After being worked the weight should be equal with or more than 15,16 grams, to still be termed as one baht gold. (Thus one baht of gold normally is 15,2 grams)

Gold and how many carats
Thai gold jewelry often has a purity of 96,5% gold, approx 23 carat. The remaining 3,5% consist of alloys such as silver and bronze. Some shops also provides 22, 20  or 18 carat jewelry. Generally speaking, the higher carat a gold object has, the softer it is. For that reason, a lower carat can be recommended for rings and thin jewelry ^ foreigners who buy. The Thai gold often has an intense "yellow" color due to the high carat.

When to buy Gold:
Thai gold jewelry theres no better time like today. In events such as wars; share market downturns and slides, economic pressures within is the best time to buy. If the baht crashes then money is worthless but gold will actually increase in value. Do not buy gold off Gold Merchants who keep your gold. If they go broke then so do you so when investing in gold hold on to it yourself. "Investment gold is defined as: "gold of a purity not less than 995 thousandths that is in the form of a bar, or a wafer, of a weight accepted by the bullion markets".

Where to buy GOLD in Bangkok: At Yaowarat Road in Chinatown and no where else. There are many bad shops elsewhere but the Chinese are exceelent in Yaowarat Rd & will not rip you. But again caution prevails and watch out for new shops opened as they may copy the older ones & sell bad gold product lines short of weight and purity.There ar emany who want to get in on the action.

There are over 140 gold shops on Yaowarat Road called the 'Golden Road'. Originally, there were four main gold shops: Seng Heng Li, Hua Seng Heng, Tung Jin Aeng and Tang To Kang and most of them today are members of the Gold Merchants Association. Gold products here are not only recognized of high standard and quality, but also of hand-made beautiful intricacy.

2 shops where you will never be cheated are:Hua Seng Heng - & the Original Tang To Kang - the oldest gold shop in Bangkok founded by Tohkang Saetang, a Chinese immigrant, in the 1880s. It was the only gold shop in the Sampheang area during the reign of Rama VI to be granted a royal appointment to use the Garuda emblem in 1921. The shop has a high reputation for quality and craftsmanship and will repurchase any piece for not more than 1% lower than the prevailing market price of gold. Some shops maintain a margin of up to 5% on repurchased items.

This shop HAS franchised its business but be careful of other shops using the Tang To Kang name illegally.Make sure they are licensed

Where to test your Gold: If you want to test the purity of a gold , contact the Department of Science Service at Tel. 246-1387-95 Ext. 400. The charge for testing is Bt500 per piece, and the process takes one week. If you feel you have been cheated by a gold shop in Thailand, write to the Consumer Protection Board or call 02- 282-4579. Gold is a regulated product which falls under the board's jurisdiction and they will assist you.

What not to do: If you want to buy Gold compare the prices; go to a reputable Gold shop and don't listen to tuk tuk drivers as they get a cut on every deal and the Gold you buy may be worthless. Use common sense and don't just buy in the first shop you see at the gold will not go away and theres no clsoing down holiday sales.

Online sales of Thai gold chains. knecklaces etc : If you buy over the internet youre crazy or you don't mind being had. However if you have bought from a reputable shop and established a good relationship and they are members of the Gold Merchants Association. Thailand Gold is a specialist industry and as such one must look and physically touch the piece they wish to buy. You have no insurance even though they say you have if you buy from a gold shop over the internet. Caveat emptor prevails so the thing is ----- try to get a refund after you pay for a gold chain -- I bet you wont get anywhere. Buying on ebay most of the gold is fake so best option handle what you want to buy and see with your own eyes before you purchase & ask for certificate if you can and what conditions on returns and if in writing.

What about Online Gold Placement: Forget it. A company who holds your gold can use this gold as collateral for borrowing. If they default then they lose your gold & ytou have no comeback. Does this figure now. Would you let a shop hold on to your Ferrari while you run around doing your business & they accidentally fill it up with gasahol & blow the motor then say sorry I put the wrong gas in???---the answer is no.In the 1987 sharemarket crash in NZ the largest GOLD BULLION Company who kept the gold pieces & bars on behalf of clients went bankrupt and everyone lost their invested gold. GOLD BULLION kept it on behalf of their clients in Bank vaults or so they thought??? but actrually they invested the gold into shares on the stock market and lost it all. The owner was eventaully caught in the USA living it up on everyones money and jailed but the investors had no comebac and all lost??

If you are unsure of a gem shop in Bangkok contact the Tourism Assistance Center, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Le Concorde Building, 202 Ratchadapiser Road, Bangkok 10310. Tel: 694-1222, ext. 1090-1094, or the Thai Gem and Jewelery Traders Association, 942/152 Charn Issara Tower, 15F, Rama 4 Road, Bangkok 10500. www.tgjta.com , email tgjta@mozart.inet.co.th  or telephone 267-5233-6.

We are an online casino website based in NZ where gambling is legal. 

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The night is young so you got it "One night in Bangkok" will rock you in between going to the live casinos on the borders of Thailand. The land of smiles, pretty girls, zero attitudes and the party place of the world. Bangkok is suely the mecca capital of the East where discos swing till the easy hours of the morning and where fun is 24 hours without the Feds trying to home in on you. Yes this is Bangkok, Thailand Asia od the Orient and the nightlife place in the world for action whatever it may be. The most popular destination for tourists whether backpackers or business people. The city of Bangkok is a thriving metropolis and caters for everyone young and old, ancient or recent with accentris haridos to the Hollywood of the east. At night time after dark the place is transformed with neons and lights that just dazzle the visitor & offers entertainment virtually all night from movies to theatre to shows and videos to girlie bars, massage and live entertainment bands & nightclubs. We welcome you to CASINOBKK.com & Bangkok confidential where we are featuring the jazzy side of Bangkok & hopefully gambling to come. 


You want to know then Bangkok has it and if we can assist you the traveler so feel free to write to us. Nightspots: There are many bars, discos, clubs, escorts, gay, massage and karaoke bars but the most popular foreign hangouts and the very popular night-life spots in the city are the famous or infamous Patpong Rd centre, located between Silom Road and Surawong Road, which is full of a-go-go bars, strip joints and beer bars Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza.  In the Sukhumvit Road area there are another two popular night-life spots: Nana Entertainment Plaza (or N.E.P.) with a lot of new bars on the famous Nana Soi 4 even good accommodation like Nana Hotel, Dynasty, Nana City Inn and Soi Cowboy which is located between Sukhumvit Soi 21 and 23 but also going strong is Nana Sukhumvit Soi 7/1 which has been transformed within a year into an entertainment place and full of foreigners.


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Emergency Phone Numbers FROM CASINOBKK

Mobile Police, 191; Fire Brigade, 199; Ambulance, 252-2171; Tourist Assistance Centre, 281-5051 or 282-8129. Telephone: The country telephone code for Thailand is 66, Bangkok city code is 2. The number 1 or 01 in front of a number indicates that it’s a mobile phone and all mobile phones changed as at Dec1st 2006 and now the dial number is 08--etc. Dial 13 for Directory Assistance, and be patient if you need an English speaker. International calls are now possible in public telephone booths and they are clearly marked in English. Time/Temperature—Time, phone 181. Weather, 398-9830.



Local services in Thailand = pick up, packing, export formalities

International services = air- or ocean freight from Thailand to the buyer’s nearest port or airport

Domestic services at destination = import customs formalities, delivery to door

Miscellaneous services = fumigation, paperwork, transport insurance, etc.

 We offer door-to-door services to any country/city in the world. Payment MUST BE in advance.  As far as ocean and air tariffs concerned, we have an airfreight tariff in our computer system that covers most bigger cities in the world. Equally we have seafreight tariffs covering most ports/cities. Please note:- air and shipping lines are changing their tariffs frequently. Seafreight to the U.S.A. all rates are commodity related.

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