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14 August 2022  


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Bangkok is the mecca of Asia and the most popular destination for tourists whether backpackers or business people. The city of Bangkok is a thriving metropolis and caters for everyone young and old. At night time after dark the place is transformed with neons and lights that just dazzle the visitor & offers entertainment virtually all night from movies to theatre to shows and videos to girlie bars, massage and live entertainment bands & nightclubs. We welcome you to casinobkk.com where we are featuring the jazzy side of Bangkok from massage parlours to the best eating and drinking spots to girlie bars, with videos section and even business ideas and help for those here ---that means business and pleasure.

IF ITS FUN AND GAMES YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THEN BANGKOK has it all. One of the few places IN THE WORLD where there's actually more girls than guys( depending on where you go of course). Guess you didn't realize this in 2000 or is it that the West has gone virile???? & Bangkok is the last city of the world that has so much to offer yet keeps itself apart from the western countries. Let's face it Bangkok is a colourful city with loads OF FUN PLACES yet is safer than New York or London after dark!! .  Take a look at what we have for you  in Amazing Bangkok & drink the night away.




IF ITS FUN AND GAMES YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THEN BANGKOK has it all. One of the few places where theres actually more girls than guys( depending on where you go of course). Guess you didn't realize or is it that the West has gone virile????  Take a look at what we have for you and for heavens sakes come to Bangkok and see for yourself. Its only a matter of time when Thailand will open its first casino just like many other countries and Singapore will have 2 casinos 



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The Thai Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej said in March 2nd 2008 on his weekly radio and television audience he would move to legalise gambling. Responding to a question from his audience, Samak said he would follow the legal model that is practised in Malaysia, Macao, Singapore and Shanghai. He urged newspapers not to use sensational headlines like “Samak supports gambling”. “When gambling is legalised, there will be no longer the need for police to act on gambling dens,” he added. Samak did not provide details about what types of gambling he wanted to legalise. But viewers assume he may be including casinos and small dens that now operate in the countries he mentioned under state super-vision and revenue collection.

There has been talk about building a casino in Thailand since 1997. Back then, the Interior Minister supported the idea but it didn’t get very far and now in 2008 the present Interior Minister Chalerm is all for it. Most notably it is rumoured that he made his money from the casinos so perhaps he will be one of the investors. If he does then other politicians will follow suit and even ex PM Thaksin Shinawatra is mulling over the idea of opening a casino on the border at Kho Kong Cambodia with Arab investors so anything could happen.

In the year 2000, the Bangkok mayor thought it would be a good idea to put a casino in Bangkok, Pattaya, or Phuket but in 2002, the Thai government conducted a study with Chulalongkorn University. Again, it fizzed out.

The Tourism and Sports Minister, in 2003, tried his hand at convincing the Thai people that a casino in Pattaya would be good for tourism, but his proposal didn’t go far.Later in 2003, under the former Prime Minister, Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, again a proposal was made for an entertainment complex be built in Chon Buri (Pattaya) and the complex would include a casino.Plan brought back to compete with HK Disneyland, Singapore. Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra tried to revive his plan to introduce casinos to Thailand as a last-ditch gamble to boost the sagging tourism industry amid increased competition from rival Asian destinations. Thaksin assigned the Government Lottery Office to conduct a feasibility study. Thaksin first unveiled his casino plan a year earlier, but he was strongly criticised by devout Buddhists who said the casinos would promote gambling and spark social problems. Public hearings were conducted in 2005 on establishing casinos in Thailand, and yet again, the voice of the people said "No."

In March, 2008, the current Prime Minister, Samak Sundaravej, vowed to make gambling legal during his current term of office. There is still a long, uphill battle to opening a casino in Thailand. PM Samak will have to totally convince the Thai people that this is in their best interest and will fund educational programs and promote tourism in the country but at the moment with oil prices affecting the ewconomy and high food prices this could be on the back burner yet again.

There will be many opponents who will argue against legalized gambling saying that it will harm the young people of Thailand as well as be a magnet for the currupt politicians. With a new Prime Minister calling the shots, and the former, deposed Prime Minister back in Bangkok, this latest chapter in the Thailand gambling field may have a happy ending but we think not.

Prime Minister Samak is hoping that legal gambling will help in shutting down all of the illegal gambling dens throughout the country but he is not sure as these are already thriving. Catering to tourists with pockets full of money, and depriving the local populace, will be an interesting juggling act but then again the underground gambling for both women and men in Thailand is a thriving business. If the Prime Minister can convince the Thai people that now is the time for legalized gambling in Thailand, you can be sure that story after story about corruption will abound in the Thailand newspapers when it does come alive. But sooner than later it will come about and gambling will be allowed. The facts are on the table as to who will own what with the politicians & at the moment they have their hands full trying to govern a country that is divided so it could be on the back burner for another year or so. Thailand has suffered a sharp decline in tourism since the tsunami. In the first half of the year, fewer than 6 million tourists visited Thailand, well off the pace to reach the tourism authority’s target of 13.4 million visitors for the entire year. 

Casinobkk wishes visitors coming to Bangkok!!!!! and have a good time in the city that never sleeps.

Want to see more: You will when we get Teeluck to take in more places for you to enjoy when you come to Bangkok. Any info you want to know about just drop her a line & she will answer any questions for  you.  Wow! and with an email address  like ours you've got to feel safe.

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